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Welcome to the New GreenPort!

This is the New GreenPort powered by PA Keystone Login! The simplified and minimalist design brings organization and ease of use.

The PA Keystone Login is a single, secure user credential used to log in to multiple online services from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, replacing existing PALogin credentials. Benefits include increased security and convenience.

Your DEP, DCNR, and PDA Applications that use the Keystone Login will be consolidated in one dashboard.

Please see the instructions below for different types of users. 

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!

Register a New GreenPort Account

Current DEP GreenPort users must follow these steps to easily import your existing/legacy GreenPort profile.

All users are required to register a new GreenPort account. That means current/legacy GreenPort users will also be required to register a new account.


Note: When you register a new GreenPort account, you automatically create a new PA Keystone Login account.

After registration, please log in. You’ll be promoted if you want to import your existing DEP GreenPort Account. Select the first option.

The next step is to log-in using your existing/legacy DEP GreenPort username and password. If you forgot any of these, don't worry, you will have an option to reset.

After you authenticate, you will have the ability to import all of your existing DEP GreenPort Applications.

Go to your Dashboard

Login using your existing GreenPort Account

Import your Current/Legacy GreenPort profile

All Done!

Welcome to your new dashboard. You will see all of your legacy DEP applications in the DEP tab!

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